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Download Kumpulan Lagu The Changcuters Lengkap

Artist :  The Changcuters
Album : -
Genre : Pop / Rock
Size : -
File Format : Mp3 Audio
The Changcuters is an Indonesian rock and roll band formed in 2005 in Bandung. The current members are Tria (vocal), Qibil and Alda (guitar), Dipa (bass), and Erick (drums). They have released four albums, namely Mencoba Sukses (2006), Mencoba Sukses Kembali (2008), The Changcuters dan Misteri Kalajengking Hitam (2009), and Tugas Akhir (2011). Mencoba Sukses Kembali led to the group receiving the 2009 AMI Award for Best Newcomers. They have also played in The Tarix Jabrix trilogy. They styles are similar to The Hives and The Rolling Stones.

Yang suka dengan suara vocalnya Tria, pada kesempatan ini saya akan share kumpulan lagu-lagu The Changcuters Terbaru untuk Anda semua, semoga bisa menghibur!!

The Changcuters - Racun Dunia.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Silat Lidah.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Pria Idaman Wanita.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Hey.. Hey.. Hey...mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Stokelan Blues.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Gila-Gilaan.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Awas Angkot!.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Hey, Nona...mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Dang Ding Dong.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Keeprock!.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - Hijrah Ke London.mp3  [Download]
The Changcuters - I Love U, Bibeh.mp3  [Download]