Download Kumpulan Lagu One Direction Lengkap 2017

Artist : One Direction
Genre : -
File Format : Audio Mp3
Member : Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, comprising Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after forming and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success by social media, One Direction's four albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013) and Four (2014) broke records, topped charts in most major markets, and generated hit singles including "What Makes You Beautiful", "Live While We're Young", "Story of My Life" and "Steal My Girl".

Untuk bisa mendownload semua lagu-lagu 1d terpopuler terbaik, silahkan sobat kunjungi link download di bawah ini, semoga lagu-lagu bisa menghibur Anda.

One Direction - Act My Age   [Download]
One Direction - Alive   [Download]
One Direction - Another World   [Download]
One Direction - Back For You   [Download]
One Direction - Best Song Ever   [Download]
One Direction - Better Than Words   [Download]
One Direction - Change My Mind   [Download]
One Direction - Change Your Ticket   [Download]
One Direction - Clouds   [Download]
One Direction - Cmon Cmon   [Download]
One Direction - Diana   [Download]
One Direction - Does He Know   [Download]
One Direction - Don't Forget Where You Belong   [Download]
One Direction - Everything about you   [Download]
One Direction - Fireproof   [Download]
One Direction - Fols Gold   [Download]
One Direction - Forever Young   [Download]
One Direction - Girl Almighty   [Download]
One Direction - Gotta Be You   [Download]
One Direction - Half A Heart   [Download]
One Direction - Happily   [Download]
One Direction - Heart Attack   [Download]
One Direction - I Should Have Kissed You   [Download]
One Direction - I Wish   [Download]
One Direction - I Would   [Download]
One Direction - Illusion   [Download]
One Direction - Irresitible   [Download]
One Direction - Just Can't Let Her Go   [Download]
One Direction - Kiss You   [Download]
One Direction - Last first kiss   [Download]
One Direction - Little Black Dress   [Download]
One Direction - Little Things   [Download]
One Direction - Little White Lies   [Download]
One Direction - Live While Were Young   [Download]
One Direction - Magic   [Download]
One Direction - Midnight Memories   [Download]
One Direction - Moments   [Download]
One Direction - More Than This   [Download]
One Direction - Na Na Na   [Download]
One Direction - Night Changes   [Download]
One Direction - No Control   [Download]
One Direction - Nobody Compares   [Download]
One Direction - Once In A Lifetime   [Download]
One Direction - One thing   [Download]
One Direction - One Way or Another   [Download]
One Direction - Over Again   [Download]
One Direction - Ready To Run   [Download]
One Direction - Right Now   [Download]
One Direction - Rock Me   [Download]
One Direction - Roller Coaster   [Download]
One Direction - Same Mistakes   [Download]
One Direction - Save you tonight   [Download]
One Direction - She's Not Afraid   [Download]
One Direction - Something Great   [Download]
One Direction - Spaces   [Download]
One Direction - Stand Up   [Download]
One Direction - Steal My Girl (CDQ)   [Download]
One Direction - Still The One   [Download]
One Direction - Stole My Heart   [Download]
One Direction - Story Of My Life   [Download]
One Direction - Strong   [Download]
One Direction - Summer Love   [Download]
One Direction - Taken   [Download]
One Direction - Tell me a lie   [Download]
One Direction - They don't know about us   [Download]
One Direction - Through The Dark   [Download]
One Direction - Truly Madly Deeply   [Download]
One Direction - Up All Night   [Download]
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful   [Download]
One Direction - Where Do Broken Hearts Do   [Download]
One Direction - Why We Don’t Go There   [Download]
One Direction - You And I   [Download]

Kalau susah payah download satu-satu, langusung saja download album One Direction lengkap terbaru 2016 dalam bentuk rar, JANGAN LUPA PASSWORDNYA SOB!

Album 1d - Up All Night (2011)  [Download]
Album 1d - Take Me Home (2012)  [Download]
Album 1d - Midnight Memories (2013)  [Download]
Album 1d - Four (2014)  [Download]
Album 1d - Made in the A.M. (2015)  [Download]

Password :  gg45

Download Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Ungu Lengkap

Artist : Ungu Band
Ganre : Pop
File Format : Mp3 Audio
Ungu is a pop-rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996 with Makki as the only remaining original member. The group comprises vocalist/guitarist Pasha, guitarist Enda & Onci, bassist Makki, keyboardist Gatz and drummer Rowman.
Ungu are known for their hit singles, such as "Demi Waktu", "Tercipta Untukku", "Andai Ku Tahu" and "Kekasih Gelapku".
Ungu gained mainstream popularity in Malaysia around 2006 with the release of their single "Demi Waktu". followed by their third album Melayang (2006). 
Bagi sobat yang ingin melengkapi koleksi mp3 lagu-lagu Ungu silahkan saja download di bawah ini.

Album Laguku (2002)
Ungu - Bayang Semu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Jika Itu Yang Terbaik.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Bebas Dari Masalah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Embun Hati.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Terang.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Sepi Gelisah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Jangan Siakan.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Maafkanlah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Sirna.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Tiada Kata.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Kisah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Laguku.mp3  [Download]

Album Tempat Terindah (2003)
Ungu - Antara Kita.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Karena Dia Kamu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Hanya Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Rasa Sayang.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Suara Hati.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dia dan Dirimu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Semoga.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Coba Tuk Temukan.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Mengertilah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dunia Menangis.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Cinta Cintaku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Tempat Terindah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Suara Hati.mp3  [Download]

Album Melayang (2005)
Ungu - Melayang.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Seperti Yang Dulu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Demi Waktu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Berikan Aku Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Berjanjilah.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dari Satu Hati.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Aku Bukan Pilihan Hatimu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Tak Perlu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Ungu (Tak Terulang).mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Tercipta Untukku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Ciuman Pertama.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Sejauh Mungkin.mp3  [Download]
Ungu ft Feat. Ariel Peterpan, Chrisye - Menunggumu.mp3  [Download]

Album Untukmu Selamanya (2007)
Ungu - Kekasih Gelapku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Aku Datang Untuk Mencintaimu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Lagu Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Untukmu Selamanya.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Cerita Bersamamu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Izinkan Aku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Saat Indah Bersamamu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Bukan Aku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Waktu Yang Dinanti.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Apalah Arti Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Penyanyi Jalanan.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Cinta Dalam Hati.mp3  [Download]

Album Penguasa Hati (2009)
Ungu - Akulah Cintamu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dilema Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Hampa Hatiku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Ku Ingin Selamanya.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Beri Aku Waktu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Kau Tahu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Indonesiaku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Yang Pertama.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Luka Disini.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Terang Dalam Gelapku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Badai Kini Berlalu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Penguasa Hatiku.mp3  [Download]

Album 1000 Kisah Satu Hati (2010)
Ungu - Mabuk Kepayang.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dirimu Satu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Dia Atau Diriku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - I Need You.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Percaya Padaku.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Almost Soulmate.mp3  [Download]
Ungu Ft Andien - Saat Bahagia.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Selamanya.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Sampai Kapanpun.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - In Time.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Hakikat Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Doa Untuk Ibu.mp3  [Download]

Album Mozaik (2015)
Ungu - Pogo Pogo.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Aku Tahu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Terbaik.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Andai Aku Bisa.mp3  [Download]
Ungu Ft Lala Karmela - Cududu (All I Wanna Do).mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Hanya Untukmu.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - So Beautiful.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Get Up! Stand Up!.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Berteman Sepi (ft. Stacy Angie).mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Baku Jaga.mp3  [Download]
Ungu - Segala Puji Syukur.mp3  [Download]

Kumpulan Lagu Religi Ungu  [Download]

Download Kumpulan Lagu Taylor Swift Terbaru 2017

Download Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Taylor Swift Terbaru 2015

Artist : Taylor Swift
Genre : -
File Format : Audio Mp3
Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music. She signed with the independent label Big Machine Records and became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house. The release of Swift's self-titled debut album in 2006 established her as a country music star. Her third single, "Our Song," made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number-one song on the Hot Country Songs chart. She received a Best New Artist nomination at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Download Album
Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (2006)  [Download Rar]
Taylor Swift - Fearless (2008)  [Download Rar]
Taylor Swift - Speak Now (2010)  [Download Rar]
Taylor Swift - Red (2012)  [Download Rar]
Taylor Swift - 1989 (2014)  [Download Rar]

Taylor Swift - 22   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - A Perfectly Good Heart   [Download]
Taylor Swift - A Place In This World   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - All Too Well   [Download]
Taylor Swift - All You Had To Do Was Stay   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Back To December   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Back To December (US Version)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Back To December   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Begin Again   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Blank Space   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Change   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Clean   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Cold As You   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Come Back Be Here   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Come In With the Rain   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Dear John   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Enchanted   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Eyes Open   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Fearless   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Fifteen   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Forever & Always (Piano Version)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Forever And Always   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Girl at Home   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Haunted (Acoustic)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Haunted   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Hey Stephen   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Holy Ground   [Download]
Taylor Swift - I Almost Do   [Download]
Taylor Swift - I Know Places (Voice Memo)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - I Wish You Would (Voice Memo)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - I Wish You Would   [Download]
Taylor Swift - If This Was A Movie   [Download]
Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Innocent   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Invisible   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Knew You Were Troubel   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Last Kiss   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Long Live   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Love Story   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Mary's Song (Oh My My My)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Mine (US Version)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Mine   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up   [Download]
Taylor Swift - New Romance   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Our Song   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Ours   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Picture To Burn   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Red   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Ronan   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Sad Beautiful Tragic   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Should've Said No   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Speak Now   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Starlight   [Download]
Taylor Swift - State Of Grace   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Stay Beautiful   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Style   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Superman   [Download]
Taylor Swift - SuperStar   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Sweeter Than Fiction   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Tell Me Why   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Thats When   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Best Day   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Last Time   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Lucky One   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Moment I Knew   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - The Other Side of the Door   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us (US Version)   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us   [Download]
Taylor Swift - The Way I Loved You   [Download]
Taylor Swift - This Love   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Tied Together With A Smile   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Tim Mcgraw   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Treacherous   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Untouchable   [Download]
Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back   [Download]
Taylor Swift - We Were Happy   [Download] Album 2015
Taylor Swift - Welcome To New York   [Download]
Taylor Swift - White Horse   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams   [Download]
Taylor Swift - Wonderland   [Download]
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me   [Download]
Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry   [Download]

Download Kumpulan Lagu Justin Bieber Terbaru 2017

Artist : Justin Bieber
Genre : Pop
File Format : Audio Mp3 & Rar
Justin Drew Bieber (/ˈbiːbər/; born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Bieber's current manager, Scooter Braun first discovered him through his YouTube videos in 2007. Braun was impressed with the videos, and contacted Bieber's mother Pattie about wanting to work with him. Having convinced Bieber's mother, Braun arranged for Bieber to meet with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia. Bieber was signed to RBMG, and then to an Island Records recording contract offered by record executive, L.A. Reid.

Anak muda yang satu ini memang banyak digandrungi oleh para remaja terutama remaja putri, selain ketampanan suaranya juga enak didengar dan bagi sobat yang igin download lagu terbaru Justin Bieber silahkan saja dicari di bawah ini, kalau tidak ada silahkan koment nanti saya carikan

Download Album Justin Bieber
Album My World 2.0 (2010)   [Download Rar]
Album Believe (2012)   [Download Rar]
Album Purpose (2015)   [Download Rar]

Justin Bieber - Pray   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Runaway Love   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Overboard   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Up   [Download]
Justin Bieber - That Should Be Me   [Download]
Justin Bieber - U Smile   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Somebody To Love   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Never Say Never   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Common Denominator   [Download]
Justin Bieber - First Dance Feat Usher   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Favourite Girl   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Down To Earth   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Love Me   [Download]
Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl   [Download]
Justin Bieber - One Time   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Baby Feat Ludacris   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Next To You   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie Feat Sean Kingston   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Swap It Out   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Whats Hatnin   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Backpack   [Download]
Justin Bieber - One Life   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Confident    [Download]
Justin Bieber - Change Me   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Roller Coaster   [Download]
Justin Bieber - All Bad   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Bad Day   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Recovery   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Hold Tight   [Download]
Justin Bieber - All That Matters   [Download]
Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker   [Download]

Download Kumpulan Lagu Barat Populer Terbaru 2017

Artist : -
Album :  lagu Barat
Genre : -
Size : -
File Format : Mp3 Audio
Pada kesempatan ini saya akan posting lagu-lagu barat yang sedang hits atau banyak didengarkan, semoga bisa menghibur Anda. Dan untuk mendapat lagu dengan kualitas yang baik, silahkan Anda membeli CD yang original. Terima kasih.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space.mp3    [Download]
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk.mp3    [Download]
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud.mp3    [Download]
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do.mp3    [Download]
Maroon 5 – Sugar.mp3    [Download]
Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants.mp3    [Download]
Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin.mp3    [Download]
Taylor Swift – Style.mp3    [Download]
The Weeknd – Earned It.mp3    [Download]
Sam smith - I'm not the Only One.mp3    [Download]
Rihanna feat. Kanye West - FourFiveSeconds.mp3    [Download]
Ariana Grande - My Everything.mp3    [Download]
Megan Trainor - All About That Bass.mp3    [Download]
Rihanna - Needed Me.mp3   [Download]
Maroon 5 - Sugar.mp3   [Download]
Adele - Hello.mp3   [Download]
Ariana Grande - My Everything.mp3   [Download]
Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This Is What You Came For.mp3   [Download]
Drake & Future - Jumpman.mp3   [Download]
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud.mp3   [Download]
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do.mp3   [Download]
Kent Jones - Don't Mind.mp3   [Download]
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party.mp3   [Download]
Miranda Lambert - Platinum.mp3   [Download]
Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood.mp3   [Download]
Twenty One Pilots - Heathens.mp3   [Download]
Twenty One Pilots - Ride.mp3   [Download]

Download Ost Untuk Selamanya MNCTV 2017 Mp3

Album : Soundtrack Magpahanggang Wakas
Genre : Pop
Size : -
File Format : Mp3

Setelah kesuksesannya menayangkan On The Wings Of Love dan Pangako Sa 'Yo dengan bintang-bintang yang fresh, cantik, dan tampan serta suasana yang baru, kali ini MNCTV sebagai pionir tayangan drama Filipina kembali menghadirkan drama terbarunya yang akan segera menghiasai layar kaca tv sobat yang berjudul Untuk Selamanya atau judul aslinya Magpahanggang Wakas.

Magpahanggang Wakas kalau diartikan dalam bahasa Inggris I'll Never Say Goodbye adalah drama yang tayang pada 19 September 2016 hingga 6 Januari 2017 dengan jumlah episode sebanyak 80. Sinetron ini terinspirasi dari film tahun 80'an dengan judul Kastilyong Buhangin. Dengan bintang-bintang top Filipina seperti Jericho Rosales, Arci Munoz, John Estrada sepertinya akan mampu bersaing dengan sinetron-sinetron yang sekarang juga sedang booming.

Garis besar cerita drama ini adalah mengisahkan tentang cinta segitiga yang memang banyak diusung dalam berbagai sinetron, namun dengan suasana serta pemain yang beda akan membuat sinetron ini layak untuk dijadikan tontonan bukan tuntunan ya... hehehehehe

Ketika melihat drama ini mungkin sobat juga tertarik dengan soundtracknya, untuk itu pada detik ini mimin akan membagikan soundtrack sinetron Untuk Selamanya secara gratis dan mudah didownload untuk sobat semua. Sering-sering mampi ya gan..

Download Ost Untuk Selamanya

Link 1  |  Link 2  |  Link 2

Download Ost Dunia Terbalik RCTI Mp3 Terbaru

Album : Soundtrack Dunia Terbalik
Genre : Pop
Size : -
File Format : Mp3

Satu lagi sinetron dengan genre komedi akan segera menghiasai layar kaca sobat, kali ini giliran RCTI yang tidak mau ketinggalan. Dalam sinetron ini bintangnya antara lain Agus Kuncoro, Idrus Madani, Yafi Tessa, Indra Birowo, Sutan Simatupang, Mieke Amalia, Benk Benk. Dan satu lagi dalam sinetron ini soundtrack lagu yang dipilah adalah dari lagunya Wali Band yaitu Ada Gajah di Balik Batu.

dan setelah kemarin mimin share download lagu justin bieber, kesempatan ini admin akan membagikan kumpulan soundtrack lagu sinetron Dunia Terbalik lengkap yang bisa sobat download dengan mudah, tapi kalau punya uang sebaiknya sobat beli yang original saja ya.... Terima kasih sudah mampir di gamegratis45

Download Ost Dunia Terbalik

Link 1  |  Link 2  |  Link 2