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Download Kumpulan Lagu Nicky Astria Lengkap

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Genre : Rock
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Nastiti Karja Dewi (born 18 October 1967), better known by her stage name Nicky Astria, is an Indonesian musician. Born in Bandung, West Java, to a schoolteacher and his musician wife, Astria began singing in 1975 while the family was stationed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After several years of participating in festivals and taking vocal training, in 1984 Astria was signed to AMK Records. Although her first album flopped, she found success with her second and third albums, Jarum Neraka and Tangan-Tangan Setan.

Yang suka dengan suara ngerock lady rocker indonesia ini, pada posting ini saya akan share untuk Anda semua kumpulan lagu-lagu terpopuler Nicky Astria. semoga bisa menghibur Anda. terima kasih.

Nicky Astria - Akhir jaman.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Arjuna Nglindur.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Berakhir.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Bias Sinar.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Bidadari (Lagu Cinta).mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Dunia Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Gairah Jiwa.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Gerhana.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Jangan Ada Angkara.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Jumpa Pertama.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Kau.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Kupeluk Sepi.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Lentera Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Manalagi.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Matahari dan Rembulan.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Mega mega.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Mengapa Kau Pergi.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Mengapa.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Misteri Cinta.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Pasti.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Pelangi Senja hari.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Penghayal.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Sirna.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Tertipu Lagi.mp3  [Download]
Nicky Astria - Topeng - topeng.mp3  [Download]
Nicky astria - Remang - remang dirimu.mp3  [Download]