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Download Kumpulan Lagu Blink Lengkap

Artist : Blink
Album : -
Genre : Pop
Size : -
File Format : Mp3 Audio
Blink or Blink Indonesia is a musical group from Jakarta, Indonesia Blink formed in Jakarta, 23 July 2011. They latet appeared in the musical television series called Putih Abu-Abu in 2012. They started their career by carrying Pop and Jazz stream and eventually mixed with electro-pop.

Blink consists of four people: Alyssa Saufika Umari (Ify), Sivia Azizah (Sivia), Agatha Pricilla (Pricilla), and Febby Rastanty (Febby). All of them play acoustic instruments, and sing

Pada kesempatan ini saya akan posting kumpulan lagu-lagu Blink Lengkap untuk Anda semua, semoga bisa menghibur.

Blink - About You.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Andaikan.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Best Friend.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Blinkin.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Blinkin.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Dag Dig Dug (Ost. Putih Abu Abu).Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Ga Tahan Lagi.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Hello Mellow.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Ini Cinta.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Jatuh Cinta.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Love You Kamu.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - O.M.G.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Pacar Pertama.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Peace, Love & Thank You.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Seindah Biasa.Mp3  [Download]
Blink - Takut.Mp3  [Download]