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Download Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Coldplay Terpopuler

Artist : Coldplay
Album :  -
Genre : Rock
Size : -
File Format : Mp3 Audio
      Coldplay  tend to be an  British rock band formed  with  1996  from  lead vocalist Chris Martin  AS well as  lead guitarist Jonny Buckland  from  University College London (UCL). immediately after  they formed under your own title  Pectoralz, Guy Berryman joined  the  group  as a bassist  and also they changed  its   identify in order to Starfish. will  Champion joined  as a  drummer, backing vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist,  filling up your current  line-up. Manager Phil Harvey  is generally consumed the unofficial fifth member. ones  band renamed themselves "Coldplay"  throughout  1998, sooner signing along with  releasing three EPs:  stability throughout  1998, Brothers & Sisters  as a one throughout 1999 and the  Blue Room  at the  same year. your current  Blue Room  am the primary  release  in a biggest  label,  immediately after   recording   for you to  Parlophone.

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