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Artist : Mocca band
Born : 1997
Genre : Indie pop, swing, jazz
Format File : Mp3
Mocca is usually an Indonesian four-member band formed within 1997 within Bandung, West Caffeine, Philippines. Your band's audio fashion can be motivated from the old style appears in the 70s, having affects connected with swing, bossa nova, Swedish crop up, in addition to jazz. Your key in the band can be Arina Ephipania Simangunsong, Riko Prayitno, Achmad ("Toma") Pratama, in addition to Indra Massad. While actively playing live, MOCCA can be reinforced by means of six extra participants in computer keyboard, acoustic guitar, percussion, trumpet, trombone, in addition to sax.

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Album My Diary (2002)
Mocca - Once Upon A Time.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Secret Admirer.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Twist Me Around.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - What If.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Me and My Boyfriend.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Telephone.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Dream.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - When the Moonlight Shines.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - ...And Rain Will Fall.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Life Keeps on Turning.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Goodnight Song.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - I Remember.mp3   [Download]

Album Friends (2005)
Mocca - On The Night Like This.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - I Think I'm In Love.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - My Only One.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Friends.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Lucky Man.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - I Would Never (feat. Karolina Komstedt of Club 8).mp3   [Download]
Mocca - You And Me Against The World.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Buddy Zeus.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - This Conversation (feat. Bob Tutupoly).mp3   [Download]
Mocca - How Wonderful Life Would Be.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Swing It Bob! Feat (feat. Bob Tutupoly).mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Its Over Now.mp3   [Download]

Album Colours (2007)
Mocca - I Love You Anyway.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - You Dont Even Know Me.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - You've Cheated On Me.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Dear Diary.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - You.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Do What You Wanna Do.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Seven Days Ago.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - The Best Thing.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Hyper-Ballad.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Sing.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - The Object Of My Affection.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Let Me Go.mp3   [Download]
Mocca - Ode For The Loves One.mp3   [Download]